In 180 we trust.

Triangles main specifications

X13 PoS over TOR

coin in circulation: ~117.5k TRI
total coin cap: 120k TRI
annual interest: 33%
maturity: 7 blocks
minimum stake age: 1 hour
confirmations: 4
block target interval: 120 seconds


Well... it's not the original cast. This is only a placeholder site to provide some core infos and a download section.

For now you are invited to meet everyone involved here.

Download section

current version

You can download the Windows and Mac client or compile your own from GitHub sources.
For your convenience there is also a bootstrap file available.

In case of emergency, if you want to download the latest beta version of the wallet or if you simply need support, please visit us @ BTCtalk.

Block explorer

We have that.


We are deeply sorry!

No buzzword dripping whitepaper, no development plan, no hot air, no utopia.